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Top Strategic Social Media Platforms for Success

Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Online Success

Social Media growth is rapidly changing the digital landscape and enabling businesses to convert more visitors into buying customers. Higher sales volumes and increased online visibility result in stronger branding and even more effective customer engagement.

Are you amongst the growing number of users who check tweets regularly or spend hours on FaceBook? Ok, keep looking straight, no one will know we just talked about you...

Staggering statistics for Social Media explosion, coupled with the rapidly growing number of users turning to these platforms for online marketing and business promotion, makes social media an influential channel for digital marketing. Below, we highlighted what has become known as the top 5 social media platforms that are leading the market and their related metrics:

1. FaceBook:

FaceBook promotes collaboration and active engagement via social post sharing, videos, likes and business boost through advertisement campaigns. FaceBook is the largest social media platform globally with over 1.56 billion unique monthly user visits. Last year, FaceBook recorded revenues of over £705,000,000 (around $1 billion US dollars) for the first quarter of 2016.

2. Twitter:
Twitter provides near near real-time social post sharing via tweets, building followers, videos/images and online advertisements. Twitter is first social media platform to use #hashtag for message labelling and driving engagement traffic via mentions. Estimated unique monthly visitor for the tweet giant is approximately 310,000,000. Twitter global annual revenue was recorded as US $2.2bn, with projected growth from advertisements as US $3.98bn for 2017. Approximately 80 percent of Twitter's revenues comes from Mobile Marketing and promoted trends alone generates US £200,000 within 24 hours.

3. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is another one of the Top 5 Social Media Platforms with a business centric approach. LinkedIn social concepts are steered towards B2B relationships building and career-minded engagements. LinkedIn enable users to create profiles and "connections" to each other, which to some extent mimic real-world professional relationships. As part of their strategic roadmap, LinkedIn recently acquired the popular "online learning" establishment and the presentation top notch "SlideShare". Unique monthly online visitor statistics for LinkedIn is estimated at around 255,000,000 per month and climbing. Revenues for LinkedIn up to Q1 2016 was recorded as US $820 million dollars

4. Pinterest:
Pinterest is a rich media and content sharing social platform and mobile app that allows its users to discover, share, collect, and store items, pages, websites, infographics and much more via pins. The picture pinning concept behind Pinterest helped to drive image optimisation popularity as a required SEO metric. Monthly unique visitors to this top 5 social media platform is estimated to be around 250,000,000 and growing rapidly. Pinterest saw revenue grew by over 500% in 2015 alone and this trend is set to increase even further, with the introduction of business pin advertisement introduced to the social platform last year.

5. Google+:
The Google Plus social network platform comprises multiple components, including Picasa - for photo storing and sharing - as well as features similar to other popular social networks and micro-blogging sites. Google Plus allow users to generate their own follower base, participate in hangout sessions and utilise integrated business applications centrally and easily. Estimated unique Google+ users on a monthly basis is around 120,000,000 and there is approximately 53 percent interaction growth between Google+ users and online brands.

Final Thoughts about Popular Social Media Platforms
Social Media is rapidly taking shape as an essential collaboration and marketing platform for business and users alike via images, sound, videos and  textual contents. As the Internet of Things and Smart Devices popularity grows, it is believed that Social Media platforms will become more intelligent to serve as news sources and possibly other well embraced virtual engagement purposes.

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