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9 Reasons Infographics Boost SEO

Ancient civilisations used pictures and paintings to tell stories and record historical trends as hieroglyphics. Nowadays, the same concepts are being used for Digital Marketing, but given the name Infographics (information Graphics). Infographics provides rich representation of information in the form of pictorial graphics and for SEO Marketing, each picture says a thousand words.

This idea of rich picture quickly convey information to readers and at their best, also provide pleasant viewing on tablets, smart phones, computers and even outdoor displays. This means it is becoming more meaningful to include Infographics as part of your key digital marketing strategies.

Infographics Key Benefits in SEO and Social Media 

  • Engage visitors and grow internet traffic using attractive information presentation concepts.
  • Target specific audience with correctly crafted mesages.
  • Aim for quick wins by deliberatly channeling content for viral marketing.
  • Generate increased brand awareness.
  • Promote better understanding of your content and information flow.
  • Enable greater chance for backlinks, therfore natural link building.
  • Increase online visitor retention rates - they stay longer on your website.
  • Becomes an attractive benefit for other bloggers.
  • Promote you as an expert within your niche and increase trust ratings amongst peers.

SEO Traffic Trends

Every company that operate as a brand online need SEO. Organic search is the most valuable channel for marketing reach. This is what Google first page result clicks look like.

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