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Site Speed Optimisation for Joomla & Wordpress CMS

Site Speed Optimisation

Visitors are avoiding slow sites and spending their money and time where waiting on website to load does not cause frustrations. Having a great looking site but poor page load speed can affect your reputation, brand authority and search engine result page ranking.
A faster site is easier to navigate and make it simpler for users to decide whether to continue browsing or exit immediately based on front page navigation experiences, overall page load speed and site content relevance.


Retain Your Website Visitors

Having a fast loading site reduces visitor wait time, bounce rate and promote higher user engagement. At Marcomz Networks, we have the SEO expertise for increasing your site speed and optimise page performance so that it loads within acceptable time across devices and browsers for improved user experiences. 

Enhance User Experience

We can look after all the technical SEO aspects of your site, ensuring that performance limiting metrics are resolved for increased site speed and enhanced user experiences.
Now you have all the details about our site speed optimisation service, it's time to