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Why Having Quality Backlinks is Important for SEO Ranking

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One of the most important off-page SEO factor is quality backlinks. Links doesn’t just appear to make your site do well online, it takes a special level of attention and care to transform a low performing website into a high authority digital asset.

In addition to crucial factors like page speed and site navigation structure, link building plays a major role in balancing the SEO ranking equation.

The more authoritative links you have pointing to your website, the more likely your will rank above your competitors in the search results. But how do you know whether those links are good or not?

In this blog post, we look at some key benefits for promoting your website and the role of backlinks in SEO. We will also explore feasible options to achieve them, and how the presence of quality link building in addition to social media marketing can make huge differences to your rankings across search engines.


What are Backlinks in SEO Context?

Having quality back links pointing to your website from other sites are counted as ‘votes of trust and confidence’ by search engines - with Google being the chief amongst them - uses to assess the popularity, relevance and authority of your website.

While having a high volume of back links can seem to be important, it ultimately boils down to the quality of those links. One link of high quality is better than one-thousand links of low value. Website who uses artificially generated links in an effort to trick search engines will ultimately backfire as search engines are becoming wise by the day and are implementing techniques to detect and classify such practices as spam.

ON the other hand, getting quality backlink from a trustworthy website is more lucrative and more beneficial for your website ranking and trustworthiness.

Incoming links to your website are commonly referred to as inbound links and have been around for ages. These inbound backlinks are actively acknowledged as positive ranking signal by Google. These links go a long way back to the genesis of online search algorithm known as ‘PageRank’.

Even with the ongoing revisions of search engine algorithms to improve effectiveness, backlinks are still important as when they were first used as vote of confidence. Based on current trends, quality links looks to forever be an essential component of Google’s mandatory ranking factors.


What does search engines consider to be ‘good’ backlinks for SEO?

As mentioned earlier, having quality backlinks is better than quantity as it transfers more reputation and weighting to your site. But what are the traits of good quality backlinks for websites? Based on research and feedback from numerous SEO and digital marketing professionals, these are the key characteristics of quality backlinks:

Quality backlinks tends to originate from authority websites – the more authority a site has, the more link juice it can pass to your website.

Having quality backlinks to your site improve the relevance of your site pages and trust in the eyes of Google and other search engines, It's almost like the saying "show me your friends and I tell you who you are". So, association with good quality reflect your site to be of similar nature. From a search engine perspective Google attach significant values to relevant backlinks as its algorithm show that people are more likely to click on such links without thinking twice.

Good backlinks tend to come from high traffic website pages. Web pages that send more traffic your site page general lead to more visitor conversion upon clicking.

Having a well-placed backlink adds more value than hidden links. Backlinks that are prominently placed passes more authority and link juice to your website. This means footer links and those from lower-level pages generate less authority.

Getting a ‘No follow’ backlinks will not contribute much influence towards the rankings of your site's web page. "Do Follow" links on the other hand, have a greater value and impact your site rankings positively.

When backlinks from the source website uses relevant anchor text - the clickable words for backlink - search engine treats these more favourably than those without, so having anchor text is very good when backlinking.


How do you obtain quality backlinks for SEO improvement?

There are three key ways to obtain better backlinks to improve your website search rankings.


  • Earn quality backlinks

Writing quality content that adds value and engage your website visitor is an effective strategy for earning quality backlinks. Online visitors and site owners are more likely to share or create backlink to content that are meaningful and relevant. Obtaining organic backlink is one of the best ways to increase your website ranking across search engines.


  • Build backlinks profile

Backlink outreach is another way to build an effective link strategy. Reaching out to website owners from similar niche and requesting a link to your content is becoming scarce these days, but the technique does work and is worth its weight in gold. Excellent sources for reaching out includes

guest blogging, unlinked mentions (find sites mentioning your brand but there's no corresponding links and request that one be added), and broken link building (find relevant broken links on other websites and suggest your working link as the replacement).


  • Create backlinks

Other lucrative and more interesting tactic for creating inbound links includes adding your website to business directories, creating relevant blog comments and responding to threads on forums.


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