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FaceBook Instant Article Unleashed

Facebook Instant Articles is the latest Social Media initiative for quick content publishing online.  FaceBook Articles is considered by many, an effective strategy for businesses and online marketers to quickly promote their news, promote faster customer engagement and target higher rank position across search engines.

Facebook confirmed that Instant Article interactive features enable contents to load in News Feed within seconds, whilst giving article creators  and publishers greater control for interface layout, brand experience and monetization opportunities.

It is predicted that the FaceBook Instant Article will secure massive uptake across niche markets and become a crucial catalyst for major shifts within the Social Media realm when compared to Twitter live feed, post promotion services offered by competitors like Google+ and other social platforms boasting similar article delivery capabilities.

FaceBook Instant Article uses the same technology that loads photos and videos rapidly, so speed and availability is favourable for mobile and tablets thereby making its social media strategic advantage more lucrative than ever.

Common benefits users will notice with the FaceBook Instant Article are:

  • New tilt-to-pan for photos
  • Auto-play for video
  • Audio caption embedding
  • Interactive maps - dynamic explorations.


Why is Instant Article Important for Search Engine Marketing?

Instant article publishing enable content to be accessed by readers almost immediately they are published. This means the race is on to see who can get their articles out first, have it crawled and indexed quickly by search engines.  So, bloggers will be able to cash in even more on content marketing, which once again echo the legendary saying that "Content is King".


19 Top Instant Article Approval Websites With Features Similar to FaceBook

As search engine marketing popularity increases, we can expect even more fantastic features during the remaining months this year or throughout 2016. Search Engine for Instant Articles means steep competitions to match user's engagement habits and reward websites with higher page rank for capitalising on such features.














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