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Top Social Media Platforms for Success

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Social Media growth is rapidly changing the digital landscape and enabling businesses to convert more visitors into buying customers. Higher sales volumes and increased online visibility result in stronger branding and even more effective customer engagement.

Are you amongst the growing number of users who check tweets regularly or spend hours on FaceBook? Ok, keep looking straight, no one will know we just talked about you...

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The Power of Hashtags

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What are Hashtags?

Hashtags generally represent keywords that are preceded by the hash symbol (#) or - in communication terminology- the pound sign. Hashtags enable easy search engine referencing, as well as increase the likelihood for your post to trend amongst popular topic of interest. 

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FaceBook Instant Article unleashed

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Facebook Instant Articles is the latest Social Media initiative for quick content publishing online.  FaceBook Articles is considered by many, an effective strategy for businesses and online marketers to quickly promote their news, promote faster customer engagement and target higher rank position across search engines.

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SEO Content Marketing

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It is a popular saying within the digital marketing realm that "Content is King" and whilst that may be true to a fair extent, content without substance is nothing. 

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