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SEO Marketing Trends for 2018

8 SEO Top Trends for 2018

It is predicted that Digital Marketing will spiral even higher during the second quarter of 2018, to targets yet to be experienced from the time of the internet. Key features influencing this strategic growth online includes:

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Strategic Twitter Marketing

Strategic Twitter Marketing for Business Success

Having a Twitter Marketing strategy is an excellent start for promoting your business properly online. As is the case with other Social Media platforms, there are numerous Twitter Marketing tips to get you started and some websites allow you to integrate social media icons to promote your unique brand online. Twitter marketing services is nothing new in the realm of Digital Promotion yet, there are many who do not know how to market on twitter. Marcomz Networks offer effective Twitter marketing campaigns that can help improve your business promotion strategy and easily integrate social collaboration within your online marketing plan.

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing focuses on effectively engaging online visitors via social media channels and rich-media contents such as blogs, podcasts, white papers and videos. Here are some points worth considering:
  • 44% of direct mail never gets opened  by the recipient.
  • 86% of television viewers skip through commercials/adverts.
  • 84% of 25 to 34 year olds navigate from  a website because of irrelevant or obtrusive contents.
  • The cost-per-lead for outbound marketing is significantly higher than inbound marketing rates.
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The Power of Press Release

Why Write a Press Release?

Press release (PR) has been around for some time and yet it is common to come across individuals who ask why having a Press Release is seen as an effective way for boosting online reputation and brand identity.

The truth is, if you organise events, run a charity, operate as a professional entity or are in the business of persuading others, then having a press release is an effective tool for communicating your intention and engaging with media influencers who can make the desired changes happen.

Publishing a well written press release can open doors of opportunities for you and attract the attention of those with authority to make your issues, story or desired media relevant for  listening or viewing.
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