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SEO & Social Media Marketing PrinciplesSocial Media Marketing is becoming a natural part of everyday business promotion activities and with the correct digital marketing strategies can provide beneficial outcome for your specific niche. 

We will now introduce you to some key principles for effective Social Media Marketing:

  1. Authenticity - being transparent, open and honest with your online promotion
  2. Promote Gracefully - Only promote useful content that benefit the wider social community of niche
  3. Build social currency - Use social media to build long term reputation, trust and value
  4. Step Away from marketing channel focus - Apply social media as an integral marketing solution, not a campaign.
  5. Reward engagement - provide fans with prizes, recognition or simply say thanks.
  6. Provide timely response - post regularly and don’t not utilising your account for long periods.
  7. Be strategic - use the social media channels that are most suited to your business niche.

By following the above 7 Social Media Marketing principles, you should be well on you way to a successful and rewarding fan base, brand reputation and increased SEO ranking.